April 29

Day 2 Yorton to Tilstock

The wind was very brisk this morning. Not only brisk but frisky too as it blew about my semi naked lower parts freezing everything in range.
Some people have expressed surprise that i should choose to walk in a kilt, particularly when the weather forecasts have been so discouraging. The reason is simple. I have size 13 feet. Overtrousers are not designed for those of us with such extreme extremities. The problems begin when the rain starts as one crosses a muddy field or bog. In order to don waterproof overtrousers with size 13 feet these are the steps, take off one shoe and balance on one leg while putting on one leg of trousers hopping about due to heavy rucksack. Put shoe back on and repeat for other foot, or leg. The overtrousers become very muddy but not a problem of massive proportions. The real problems start when the rain stops. Reversing the removal of trousers is far worse but keeping them on means an unpleasant feeling of gathering moisture plus, the under trousers, or trousers, get wet anyway. With a pair of shorts and a waterproof kilt one has rapid rainproofing and no nasty humidity.

Today’s stroll was uneventful. The stroll was pleasant enough with just one unexpected detour. Farmers who knock off direction markers on stiles are daft as strollers have to wander about all over their property, crops and livestock in order to make progress.


The sleepers over this yawning chasm were not very robust. Janet is stouthearted and crossed without fear.

Returning to an earlier rant, today’s weather of stiff arctic wind, heavy rain, sun, hail, more sun, were all rendered helpless when confronted with Janet’s patent waterproof kilts.


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  1. By Anne Weller on

    Scottish rugby players wear Lycra shorts under their rugby shorts, maybe some Lycra shorts or leggings would prevent the wind from withering everything under your kilt? Enjoying the commentary hugely already. And I would give the waterproofs A* too Janet. Xx


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