April 30

Day 3 Tilstock to Wrenbury cum Frith

Today has defied the weather forecasters’ Jeremiah like predictions. We set off from Tilstock in beautiful, for Britain, weather.


The forecast for today was confusing. Despite the forecasters’ confusion the weather itself decided that it would support those that had predicted rain, wind and hail. We were obliged to get into kilts and koats after just 15 minutes.


Thunderstorms and hail no longer fill us with dread. We laugh at their silly attempts to dampen not only our bodies but our spirits.

First stop today was the wonderful cafe de bon sol in Whitchurch

Where we were fed and entertained by Paco and his assistants, Welsh, Spanish, English and Polish. None of whom felt moved to join us as the hail it haileth everytime we attempted to leave.

I have no idea who this blighter is except that he was keeping watch over the Mercian Way.

Because the rain has been heavy over the last day or two we decided to avoid fields and use the small, narrow, lanes of old England today. We have been rewarded by views of old manor houses and the lovely old farm houses of the Cheshire plain. I suspect that the current occupiers are bankers rather than farmers.

Then onwards to Wrenbury cum Frith


As has happened many times before on these strolls accommodation has been difficult to find. Therefore the plan was to take the train from Wrenbury to Nantwich and our bed. The trains weren’t playing ball so we followed the siren call of a beer mug displayed on our OS map. The station and pub are separated by about 1 mile.
Country pubs are vanishing at an alarming rate. Sadly, the pub in Wrenbury cum Frith had vanished some time after the surveyors had visited .
The worst hailstorm of the day, plus the vanished pub, would have unsettled less experienced strollers. We laugh at such things and notice bus stops with lists of alluring buses taking travellers to exotic destinations, so the day was saved


The good old C of E came up trumps too with an open porch.

Having settled in to the Cheshire Cat we strolled about Nantwich, a lovely town where the pubs stop serving food at 7:30 with the exception of the pub directly opposite..

We are lying in our feather bed listening to the strains of bank holiday merriment, music and the fragrance of freshly cooked chips as we contemplate tomorrow’s stroll to CREWE.

No map because I, foolishly, deleted some data and Android is a duff text editor. Now back in Windows land so a miraculous map has appeared



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  1. By Aileen May on

    Will you be singing “Oh Mr Porter” as you journey along? Really enjoying your travels!

    1. By Janet on

      I did sing it as we journeyed along, but we wanted to go to Crewe, so I felt it missed a little something …..

    1. By Janet on

      The kilts are made of waterproof, breathable material bought on the Internet. I made it kilt-shaped, sewing tape across the top which secured the pleats in place. A bit of Velcro to do them up, and hey presto. You can unpack one and put it on in under ten seconds. We are really delighted with them.

  2. By admin (Post author) on

    It is amazing how putting one foot in front of the other, with courage and fortitude, covers the ground. Actually, Crewe isn’t that far.

  3. By Sarah Kirsten on

    Gosh, you’re making good speed if Crewe is tomorrow – well, either that, or Crewe is just a lot closer in reality than it is in my head!


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