May 1

Day 4 Wrenbury to Crewe

Once more the meteorologists led us to believe that we would be in for a soaking as we sauntered. Yes, a barbecue would have been a bit wet and chilly. Yes, sunbathing at Bognor would have been a washout but we, in our waterproof kilts, laughed at the pitiful offering today’s clouds could manage.

Most of today’s stroll used the South Cheshire Way, what a lovely contrast to the sad old Shropshire Way. Farmers have taken the trouble to clearly mark all paths at well maintained stiles and even made little lanes for the stroller.


We met quite a few friendly cattle as we crossed the fields. They pretend to take no notice of the stroller in their field but if you turn around they are about 1 foot from your bottom. I think that they expect some grub to appear from the depths of the rucksack. They are usually content with a tickle under the chin and a lick of the hand. Janet made quite a few new chums wanting a kiss at the kissing gate.


Thank goodness that the name of this lane was hidden from their view and that cows can’t read.


When we strolled to Italy there was always a handy church porch in which to take sustenance. Here in darkest, obviously heathen, Cheshire we have had to dine in stile.
We ate old jam filled croissants washed down with a slug of water with our backs turned from the wind.


Janet is a brave soul evidenced by the way she strode, without hesitation, over the Shropshire Union Canal by means of a weak bridge clearly labelled as only to be crossed when empty.


I know that I am silly but I am still ridiculously amused by signs to secret establishments.


Our map was drawn before the recent spell of humid weather


Not all landowners have embraced the South Cheshire Way but he did have a load of old diggers so we didn’t mind the obstacle course.


This milestone was a welcome sight. Two miles to go, today anyway.


Crewe! The air is filled with the delicious perfume of porage, porridge, What a wonderful welcome for the kilted stroller, it is the Mornflake mill.


Today’s stroll has been really enjoyable. We made one error and went in completely the wrong direction but probably only added about one quarter of a mile to the stroll. The rain, although persistant, could not penetrate through our defences and the fields were dryish.
A massive Asian buffet has finished me off nicely.


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  1. By Sue Jells on

    Another fine day, if rather damp it seems!

    I did my first teaching practice in Wybunbury, if I remember correctly and it was there that one of my charges apprised me of the death of John Lennon. I didn’t believe her at first…
    Your route appears to end close to where I lived on that year at Crewe and Alsager College of Higher Education. Ahh the memories!

    1. By admin (Post author) on

      Same here. The place was both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. We are having a light day today and heading for Alsager. Another trip down memory lane.


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