May 2

Day 5 Crewe to Alsager

Janet has been as lively as a cricket today. I, on the other hand, have been very dozy. Thank goodness that today’s stroll was short and flat. I had only just enough energy to climb stiles.
I can understand why this has not become a famous national trail even though the field bits are well maintained and easily navigated.

Wandering past the old Crewe college buildings made me feel quite nostalgic, remembering the amusing behaviour of my chums. New houses have been built at the back of the halls of residence. It was there, when those houses were just trees and fields that a friend, the wonderful Andrea Turtle, saw a flasher. Silly blighter picking on Andrea, she pointed and giggled and made him feel quite small I am, sure as no one saw him again

The only unpleasant section was a narrow, busy, bendy section of road. We probably would not have felt so apprehensive if the sign at the start of the section had not said that everyone should remember that loads of accidents had happened on this bit of road.


Crossing golf courses is quite pleasant as the grass is cut nicely.

We remembered to look right and left to avoid misdirected balls.

We crossed our first wood today. Janet, in particular, was reminded very strongly of her Surrey childhood. We could easily have been strolling through the Bourne wood. Had we been, of course, it would have meant that our navigation had been disappointingly wayward.


Janet commented that having motorways coloured blue on maps was a useful convention as motorways are a bit like rivers in that they bar the way to strollers. We have to find bridges or tunnels in order to cross to the other side. I did wonder if pedestrian crossings on motorways might work. The motorway in the photo is that famous schlerotic artery the M6.


The weather today has been drier and warmer than predicted. Not drier and warmer than I would have liked though.

On getting to our cosy room I sprawled on the bed and slept like a stone. Now it is time to wash our small clothes and prepare for tomorrow.


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  1. By Anne Weller on

    I also went to Crewe and Alsager college for a year. Sadly that was not long enough for the photograph to ring any bells whatsoever! Go well as you go ever northwards – and encounter some better weather.

    1. By admin (Post author) on

      Your memory is loads better than mine.


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