May 3

Day 6 Alsager to Congleton

Alsager is a nice enough place. Loads of well kept semi detached houses and things. I won’t dwell on it.

Today’s route had a number of firsts for this extended stroll, a canal, a railway pedestrian crossing, a pub and, best of all, a room with chairs, a table, a bath and space to move about without one of us having to leave or breathe in deeply.


Having left the semi detached houses of Alsager we found the path alongside the railway line which took us towards the canal.


Another first, which I had forgotten was the presence of the sun. The sun beat down so fiercely that we had to remove our fleeces. Phew what a scorcher!
I really love walking along paths near to railway lines, particularly when separated only by a small fence.


Whenever we need to use a pedestrian crossing over a railway line we always get halfway across and stop. Is this a feeble act of defiance I sometimes wonder.
Finding the canal on the map was a real stroke of luck. It goes in the right direction and, being a canal, is flat.


We had hoped that stopping at a pub for some light refreshment might be a daily pleasure. Sadly, this has not been the case. We have eaten meagre meals sitting on stiles in the rain until today. Someone had taken the trouble to chalk ‘pub’ on one of the canal bridges. This was followed by a further sign and arrow which was followed by us. A pint and a packet of crisps! Sheer bliss!


Herons are shy birds. They stay absolutely still, looking like garden ornaments, until they spot the stroller’s hand sneaking stealthily into the camera pouch. They do not move at that point but wait until the lens points in their direction. Once the camera is poised and cocked they disappear.


Walking along a towpath is so very relaxing. As long as the canal is on the correct side of the stroller navigation must be correct. Of course, if there is a canal junction and that junction is where the stroller must change direction then it is a good wheeze to understand how to change from one canal to another. Not seeing that other canal in its aquaduct as we passed under it added a few yards to the stroll.


Today’s stroll to Congleton has been a real pleasure, a perfect day followed by perfect accommodation at the Lion and Swan


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