May 5

Day 8 Allgreave to Buxton

It is a shame that we have walked so far and carried so much today. The bar below our Buxton bedroom is having a salsa night and the teacher is really giving her students some advice. We have always quite fancied a chance to swivel our ancient hips but tonight our hips just want to be horizontal.

Still, on with today.

A hearty breakfast, shoe cleaning in the sun gave us a good start to today’s stroll.

I thought that yesterday was wonderful but today has been even better. This part of the world is full of wonderful views and friendly people.



Everyone we have met has told us that we must visit Lud’s Church so we did. It should have been a short detour, it wasn’t.



I took loads of photos of this wondrous place, but they all look
really dull, so put your waders or wellies on and see it for yourselves.

Adding 3.5 miles to our day’s stroll took its toll later on in the day. We were leaping about like mountain goats at first, silly old us


We took a short pause for lunch after the major detour to find Lud’s church. We had a sausage and bacon saved from a breakfast a few days ago and some salami which was nicely matured. The babbling brook and cows wandering about made me want to sleep, but we strollers do not shirk our task.


With about 6 miles to go we both ran out of steam. We had quite a bit of up diddly up to do and were feeling groggy. Luckily for us Janet keeps a store of mint imperials about her person and dispensed one each of these miracle workers. Restored, we moved upwards.


The Dane Valley Way took us most of the way to Buxton. The source of the Dane is a sort of Grimpen Mire. I staggered about in its clutches for some time, nearly losing a pole. Janet did not seem to be so disadvantaged. Perhaps because she is lighter or not so stupid.


We now have an inkling of what to expect on the Pennine Way.


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  1. By Janet on

    I’m not sure why I was making that strange face while marking where we were on the map. I didn’t think I usually look like that when I’m thinking.

  2. By Wendy on

    Thank god for mint imperials! – keep putting one foot Infront of the other folks x

    1. By admin (Post author) on

      Yet again we have been saved by their magic ingredients.

    2. By Janet on

      They have replaced aniseed balls as our current favourites.


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