May 6

Day 9 Buxton only

Our accommodation is very comfortable. Our bathroom is up a long open staircase leading off a balcony at the top of the stairs. From the balcony there is a sensation of an out of body experience, albeit someone else’s body as one gazes on the bed’s occupant. Janet thought that it was like a film scene. Considering our ages probably one in which the relatives were waiting for the will to be read.
Our day off has been spent at the laundry, supermarket, outdoor shop and phone shop.


Finding accommodation for tomorrow, Saturday night, has been a bit tricky. We failed completely and staying another day in Buxton seemed the only solution. We went, as a last resort, to the tourist office where Luke tried with all his might to find a pillow and quilt. We gave up as he rang pub after pub, b&b after b&b and all that seemed to be left was some sort of ark on a camp site. Doughty Luke was not to be beaten and found a pub near to Kinder Scout. No need to get out the emergency foil blankets, phew!

Having completed the all these mundane tasks we set off on a good old tourist rubber neck stroll


If you have never visited the Dome, you must do so as sooon as possible. Entry is free to stand beneath a massive open ceilinged dome. Directly under the centre of the dome, on the floor, is a circle. Standing in the circle one can speak but not be heard by those standing outside the circle. The effects are quite magical. We sang and shouted for ages.





After a decent nosh and a bath we must settle down to plan how we are going to walk from Buxton to Kinder Scout.


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  1. By Janet on

    We thoroughly enjoyed our supper at 53 Degrees North. (It should really be a degree sign instead of the word, but I couldn’t find one on my keyboard). The atmosphere and friendliness of the staff was lovely.


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