May 7

Day 10 Buxton to The Lamb Inn Chinley

Every day we learn something new. Today the weather was wonderful for walking. A light breeze and gentle sun wafted us up the steep hill from Buxton. The hill’s name is Long Hill and it lives up to its name.


Thank goodness that the Romans came to Britain. Another Roman Road takes us upwards towards the hills.


We hadn’t really decided on our route to The Lamb, food and bed but spotting a notice telling us that people in 1938 had taken the time and trouble to create and maintain a beautiful route meant that we had no option but to take it.


Our map clearly showed a pub at Combs. Experience has taught us that country pubs are not always open. Today is Saturday so we had high hopes that our thirsts would be quenched if we could summon up the resolve to get to Combs.

It was after leaving the pub at Combs that another lesson was learned. When really thirsty it is a mistake to quench one’s thirst with delicious beer. My legs lost all power aftere we set off again. Thank goodness we did not have far to go.


Janet, on the other hand, stormed on ahead like a mountain goat.



Rain has set in. The forecast for tomorrow is for a little rain. We have the most testing day yet in prospect for tomorrow. The route is via Kinder Scout with full packs. We are both feeling a little frisson of excitement tempered with a hint of panic.


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