May 9

Day 11 Lamb Inn to Old House

Yesterday was something of a mixed bag. I am writing this brief note in a dentist’s waiting room in Mossley as a result of this mixed baggery.
Yesterday started well with a wonderful breakfast and blazing sun. Filled with excitement we set off up a steep hill. The steepness lasted for miles but we were not dismayed as the map said that up up up would be followed by down down down.

In the photo below Janet has climbed up and not got down.

The sign says something about an old cross found near here.

Kinder Scout, one of our landmarks for today.


I would like to thank all the hardy souls who have laid the wonderful flagstones. Janet skipping along with not a care in the world despite her heavy pack.


As we neared the top a very kind fellow stroller asked us if we wanted a photo with both of us in it. The wind was incredibly strong so we look as though we are in an open air windtunnel
Then onwards to our destiny






The books tell of a time when the mosses became a nightmare of black peaty mud. People, apparently, could end up wading waist deep in the stuff. All that is now in the past. Goodness knows how this feat was achieved but we were very grateful.


Those old walkers who engaged in the massed tresspass of Kinder Scout have left all of us a wonderful legacy. A legacy we enjoyed with hundreds of other walkers.
From Kinder Low we strolled into the mosses. All the books warn about the deep peaty mud but we enjoyed the marvellous pavement laid so that our boots were as clean as when we tried them on in the shop.
Crossing a busy main road we had a few spots of rain, which soon stopped. Our spirits were high. We had met lots of lovely people and enjoyed their anecdotes of snow, mud and exhaustion
The wheels fell off, off Janet anyway, at Bleaklow Head. A sneaky rock sent her head first to the ground. Nasty cuts on nose and damaged teeth were the outcome.
We stumbled bravely onwards, the low sun directly in our faces, over bog, rocks and streams. Our B&B hosts were becoming concerned at our late arrival, no phone signal so we couldn’t call. As a result of this we rode the last mile in comfort. Janet could only manage soup and our hosts’ generosity has been truly beyond what we could have hoped.
So, now we wait.



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  1. By Aileen May on

    Sorry to hear about your sudden meeting with the rock, hope you are not too bruised and still have a smile! X

  2. By suejells on

    Hope the visit to the dentist has been helpful and that Janet is recovering from her meeting with that unnecessary rock. Many good wishes being channelled in your general direction. xx


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