May 28

Day 12 Torside to Diggle

What a treat it is to be on the trail once again. Having been dropped near our last encounter with the Pennine Way we made our excited way to the exact spot where we had ended in tears those weeks ago. Although our dropping didn’t go entirely as planned as our dropper took these dropees to the wrong place at first but sitting in the sunshine with a hard boiled egg, a bag of watercress, some France Comte and a small bottle of water our mood was so different from last time. We set off at midday with a spring in our steps, lighthearted and light backed as our dropper took our heavy stuff away in his car to Diggle.


Of course the trail isn’t always perfectly striaghtforward

We didn’t need to resort to the extreme measures some of our fellows felt necessary








We have been serenaded for most of today by larks and curlews. As we toiled up steep stony paths their song lifted us onwards. The fearsome reputation of the Pennine Way was earned in the days when the path made its way through vast boggy stretches of purgatory, people being waist deep in black nastiness. Today’s walker is cossetted by a wonderful pavement and the Way is thus partly tamed.

I am writing this nonsense after having enjoyed a sumptuous banquet in the local pub. We hadn’t booked a table as we could not be sure of our arrival time so were refused even a cold chip or piece of lettuce. Being resourceful people, who will eat anything, we bought crisps, scratchings, peanuts and beer. Our B&B host complemented us on having chosen true British classic cuisine.

Tomorrow will be another longish day, of about 17 miles, fully laden, as there is only field and fountain, moor and mountain between Diggle and Hebden Bridge we have little choice . We dawdle along so do not manage to average more than about 1.7 mph. We could go faster but would see nothing. The landscape is really wonderful here and deserves more than a second glance so we glance at it frequently. If one glances frequently then 1.7 mph is about the maximum forward progress. Some of my walking chums will scoff at this leisurely crawl across the landscape but 1.7 mph is perfect for us. If I can wave a stick and threaten the router I might manage to upload a photo or two.


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    1. By admin (Post author) on

      Too true! Thankfully I have put on a bit around the middle so can stand a missed supper or three.

  1. By SueJells on

    Love your obvious enthusiasm for getting out and strolling again! Hope tomorrow is at least as uplifting and successful as today. 😉

  2. By Janet on

    How did we manage to get down to sea level, I wonder?

    1. By admin (Post author) on

      My battery went flat I think. It was near where you put a plaster on your foot.

    1. By admin (Post author) on

      It was lovely. The weather was perfect, perhaps just a little hazy to absolutely perfect.


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