May 29

Day 13 Standedge to Hebden Bridge 19 miles

We left the Pennine Way in order to walk to our B&B, in Diggle,yesterday evening. When our host offered to take us back, this morning after breakfast, to where we had left the trail we were almost delirious with joy. We were particularly pleased because the return stroll was to be all uphill.

There were four of us returning to the starting point and none of us was prepared for the icy blasts which met us when we got of our host’s cosy conveyance.

As the morning went by the sun became stronger and the wind weaker. I am still really surprised at all the hard work which has been done in order to make the path such a pleasure for walkers. Certainly, there are some damp patches and crumbly rocky bits but nothing really bothersome.


Once again the larks and curlews were everywhere. After a little we could hear what sounded like a distant sea washing on the shore. The sound of the waves eventually drowning out even the lusty song of the skylark and turned into the roar of the M62


Astonishingly it only took some 30 minutes for us to leave behind the traffic noise.

At about tea time we spotted a stone seat created in the memory of one Cyril Webster. Thank you Mr Webster for giving us 15 minutes on your seat.


The skyline is dominated by the Stoodly Pike Monument. Like many British monuments it was built to celebrate a victory over our nearest neighbours and cousins, the French.


Hebden Bridge at last. A delicious plate of moussaka and a glas of merlot gave us the strength to climb up to our B&B.



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  1. By Anne Weller on

    It is so lovely to be strolling along with you again – in our heads of course! You are so happy to be on your way again. It is great that you are obviously enjoying it so much.

    1. By admin (Post author) on

      Hello Anne, strolling along is a wonderful thing.

  2. By Alison Clark and Rob Clark on

    Dear Ancient Strollers – we met at the Trig point on Blackstone Edge yesterday (Sunday 29th) and were deeply impressed at your journey. It was a pleasure to talk with you. We took a photo of the view north, and you are in it, as you went on your way, so let us know if you want it. We loved this bit of the Pennine Way as it is such contrasts – the vast open landscape, with land and water, and the technology of the M62 over such terrain. Hope all goes well for the next stretch, and thank you for chatting. We will follow you with interest. Rob and Allie (diet coke and map at the Trig point)

    1. By admin (Post author) on

      Hello Alie and Rob, we had a wonderful day on the hill. Every day we meet lovely people and see new sights. The people who have made the paved tracks have done a magificent job. When we walk along the slabs and see the bogs and deep brown pools we are reminded that our pleasure derives from loads of other peiple’s hard work.

      1. By Alison Clark on

        Thanks for the reply. Enjoy the route by Haworth today and good luck for the rest of your journey!!!

    2. By Janet on

      It was very nice indeed to meet you and have a chat. It would be lovely to have the photo on the blog. Perhaps Mike might be able to say where you could send it to, as I’m not quite sure how these things work. We have been walking in Bronte country today, not that I’m a fan, but the countryside is magnificent.

    3. By admin (Post author) on

      Hi Rob and Allie, thanks for the kind offer of the photo. My email address is I would love to add it to the blog if you can let us have it.


      1. By Alison Clark and Rob Clark on

        HI Mike and Janet – picture on its way. Have a great day!
        Allie and Rob


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