June 1

Day 16 Colne to Earby Youth Hostel

Colne let us rest peacefully. The blokes using the hammer drill in the street outside our bedroom didn’t start work until we were awake, washed and ready.
As today’s stroll is short we could set off lateish and loiter up to our first gate.


So here we are in Earby, me fiddling on a fone as Janet meddles with a map.

It is a good job that youth hostels don’t check for youthfulness.
My fat fingers are being stressed today as I must scribble on the keyboard of my mini phone as my laptop thinks that there is no internet connection. Today’s stroll has been short and filled with the smell, if not the temperature, of early summer.
As we ate our lunch of saucisson, cheese, yesterday’s salad and a tangerine from the breakfast buffet while seated on an isolated bench, a farmer stopped for a chat about his holiday in Norway and the fearsome price of beer. Another couple turned up a bit later, the wife part telling us that she lived on one of the farms 60 years ago and walked miles to school. For her it was a trip down memory lane.
The youth hostel is in a delightful spot having wisteria growing over its old stone walls
We haven’t checked in yet as it opens at 5:00. Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary so we will be spending tonight with Janet in a women’s dormitory and me in a men’s dormitory. Romance is not in the air.
Tomorrow is looking a little difficult with regard to accommodation. Time for a planning conference perhaps.


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  1. By SueJells on

    Glad to hear immediate accommodation problems are sorted and that you can enjoy your tomorrow’s stroll safe in the knowledge that your bed for the night awaits.
    Janet I hope your knee has settled down and is paining you no longer.
    Go well xx

  2. By admin (Post author) on

    Tomorrow is lovely for accommodation. It’s the day after that we were struggling with. But no longer! We are now booked in at Settle for Friday evening.


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