June 2

Day 17 Earby YH to Gargrave

Last evening’s stay at the Earby Youth Hostel was very interesting as our fellow hostellers were all travelling by different means and for different reasons. One was a JOGLE person, whose brains we picked for a good route through southern Scotland. Another was reliving his youth by travelling on a 200cc motor scooter around the Dales, yet another cycling. All were enthusiastic hostellers, all were of the grey haired type of youth, much like ourselves raally. One chap came from Sheffield and was certain that Sheffield had everything that one could want in a town. He had decided though that it was time that he got to know Lancashire so had come for a few days rest and sightseeing.


We packed and left without breakfast, intending to stop soon and eat on the road. We have been very fortunate with the weather these last days. The only minor fly in the ointment has been that we have been walking northwards and the wind has been coming from the north. This doesn’t make one want to sit about and have a leisurely picnic.


We began walking, years ago, by doing an unnecessary mile every day. Well today, due to my stupidity, we did another unnecessary mile, uphill too.
One of our fellow hostellers was describing her disquiet at having to pass through groups of cattle and we were telling her that cows are curious and will follow walkers but that it means nothing. We also told her not to worry if a bull is in a field with cos as he will be interested in his ladies not the casual walker.We did say that dairy bulls were a different kettle of fish and to beware if she sees a friesian bull. Well, blow me, we were sauntering across a field of cows and there was a friesian bull amongst them. Thankfully, he too was more interested in his ladies.


It was a delight to meet the Liverpool Canal and to see that a teashop might be on the cards as we were beginning to feel the need for some breakfast. On we strode towards the teashop passing a livery stable with hearty girls mucking out and wandering about with wheelbarrows full of stuff. One of these hearty girls told us that the tea shop was closed on Thursdays. We sat at the empty table and ate our own breakfast of bacon cooked two days ago, some Lancashire cheese and an apple which Janet had bought in Shrewsbury a week ago. A delicious repast fit for a king and queen.




So here we are in the Mason’s Arms in Gargrave, lazing about with a tea, coffee and a biscuit. The sun is shining so, after a spot of shuteye, we can stroll out and see what Gargrave has to offer.



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  1. By admin (Post author) on

    Thank you, Aileen. We had a lovely day in a very pretty village called Gargrave.

  2. By Aileen May on

    Nice to see you both on the road again! Happy Anniversary of yesterday!


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