June 4

Day 19 Settle to Ribblehead

Well! what a day. The day started with no breakfast, a faulty credit card and then a lavatorial mishap with my mobile phone.

Having said all that, the rest of the day was wonderful, finishing at Dent. I shall finish this lot tomorrow.

In order to get a good start we rose early, packed and went down to breakfast. Imagine our dismay as we realised that nothing had been prepared, all was in darkness. Other eager walkers, cyclists and holiday makers gathered in the gloom all trying to appear calm in the face of disaster. At last a man appeared out of the kitchen, saying that someone else usually turned up to set out the breakfast things. He went back into the kitchen to mull things over then bringing a jug of orange juice and another of milk to the hungry horde. At this point we realised that the delicious breakfast we had anticipated was not to be.

Of course our disappointment quickly disappeared as we found the Ribble and followed it through farm and field.




Finally finishing at the beautiful Ribblehead Viaduct where we caught the train to Dent to spend an evening with friends. The day began with a few minor disasters but finished very well indeed


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  1. By SueJells on

    Good to receive today’s update as I was becoming a little concerned at ‘no post’. Are you tonight billeting with friends? A pleasant evening I’m sure if that is so and ad it rather sounds as if the day started eith a number of frustrations, I hope, whatever the billeting arrangements, that ypu are both now enjoying a relaxed glow in expectatoon of a well earned good night’s rest.


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