June 8

Day 23 Carlisle

Today we changed location from Kirkby Stephen to Carlisle. We enjoyed a hot a stuffy bus journey from Kirkby Stephen to Carlisle as the trains can go only from Settle to Appleby, due to subsidence. This has been something of a disappointment to us as we were hoping to spend quite a little time on the railway.
Before leaving Kirkby Stephen we needed some stuff from the outdoor shop. One shop sold us some karabiners and its owner told us about the wonderful Lady Anne Clifford. If any misogynists doubt that a young forceful woman in the 16th Century could not be more than a match for a king and Oliver Cromwell then read the link below.

Lady Anne Clifford

We don’t have a lightweight day sack so have been using Janet’s lighter rucksack on non weight carrying days. I wanted to try a waist sack and found one in another outdoor shop in Kirkby Stephen. The chap behind the counter asked us what we were doing so we gave the usual vague outline and even vaguer destination. We were completely flabbergasted when he said that he was from Peterhead. His accent was very English, we would never have guessed. A nice bloke we chatted for ages.

Having been to the laundrette we sit, in our sweet smelling smalls, trying to work out the best way to get from Appleby to Carlisle on foot and in how many stages. Who knows how it will be? Will the days be long and arduous or short and easy or neither? Perhaps we need a few strawberries and some wine to give us the necessary courage to tackle this fearsome task.


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