June 11

Day 26 Stalled in Carlisle

I predicted yesterday that we would walk from Armathwaite to Carlisle today. This was the first confident prediction I have been able to make. As is always the case events makes fools of the wisest of us so the chances of events making a fool of me were weighted heavily on the side of events. Janet felt slightly seedy as we strolled yesterday but hoped to be on tip top form today. She didn’t feel tip top this morning so we decided to start out a bit later than planned should matters improve. All of this worked very well indeed as it turned out in the end.

I ate a hearty breakfast as Janet slept and visited Carlisle cathedral where I fell into conversation with the Canon. We chatted about various things of interest to us both and I learned much, both about Carlisle, its cathedral and the politics of Tudor England. Sadly, it was my turn to feel seedy as I returned to base after my ejoyable excursion so wandering about in the countryside became a washout for today.

We have been confronting a series of conundra (conundrums quonundra quanundra) this last day or two. The questions being, how can we get to Glasgow from Carlisle on foot? Where can we stay? Are the roads too busy for ancient strollers? It always amazes me how that which at first appears to be a setback finishes up being a blessing as a solution to all of these problems appeared, as if by magic, just because we were castaway in carlisle.

Janet, feeling better as I lay sleeping, read the account of a Lands End to John O’Groats person who used the Pennine Way to move towards Edinburgh then westward to the West Highland Way. Having read this account Janet wondered if there might a way for us to do something similar. The Long Distance Walkers’ Association Map suggested that the Hadrian’s Wall Way could be our saviour. All this took place as I lay supine. As a result of this relaxing reading we now intend to leave Carlisle by the Hadrian’s Wall Way and make our way to the Pennine Way.

As an afterthought. After chatting to the Canon I visited the cathedral. The ceiling in the the choir is very beautiful and well worth a visit but the high spot was a sneak preview of tomorrow’s choir performance. Not the choir but the soloist turned up, with his dad, in ordinary clothes, did some voice exercises and sang beautifully.


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