June 17

Day 32 Bellingham

Before I go on about Bellingham and the things we have been doing I would like to issue some advice. Compeed is very very good stuff for healing sore feet. Compeed is a menace if one ignores the instructions on the tube and applies it to other, more tender, parts of the anatomy. Sitting is not very comfortable at the moment and I walk with an oddly mincing gait. Let us hope that sleep fixes things before tomorrow.

Many years ago we visited Bellingham purely by chance and loved the place. Bellingham is a small but interesting town. Not only is it a pretty town but it has all the stuff that we need. It has a chemist, a pub, a baker and a coop. The next few days are quite challenging in terms of logistics. The mileages are quite long each day and we must be able to get to Edinburgh on Thursday for Janet’s dental appointment. After breakfast our host’s breakfast table was full of maps. Our host is a mine of information, with regard to walking routes, and was able to help us in our endeavours. The next few days could be Bellingham to Byrness bunk house then Jedburgh then Melrose then ??? then a bus to Edinburgh to return to Shropshire for dentistry and morris dancing. Fingers crossed that fits the plan.


Bellingham Heritage Centre is sited at the old station where there is a tea room in a pair of railway carriages.

Sitting in the driver’s seat I realised how little the driver could see. The window facing forward is about the size of an elongated A4 sheet of paper. I suppose that train drivers don’t need peripheral vision but even so it must have been claustrophobic. What a treat it would be to drive one of these things for an hour or two!





So that’s it for today. We have had a chat with a Dutch couple who walked the walk we will be doing tomorrow today, if that makes sense. They told us that we will need to avoid one section, as they did, because it has become very boggy and that it looks as though it has fallen into disuse. They also said that it became very cold and that they had had to use hats and gloves for the first time. If people accustomed to the freezing east winds of the Netherlands say that it is cold then that means thermal underwear for the rest of us. I expect that we will find out for ourselves tomorrow.


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