June 19

Day 34 Byrness to Jedburgh

We rose early, packed, and went downstairs in our hostel. We had bought some bits and pieces to eat for our breakfast when we were in Bellingham. I had a tub of wallpaper paste labelled OatsoSimple. . I don’t think that I’ll go for that again. We had some cheese and some salami too so felt reasonably fuelled up for the day ahead.
We had some difficulty in finding our host in order to pay the bill so spent the time chatting to some of those we have met on the hill who were among the lucky few who could have a cooked breakfast.

The first section of today’s stroll took us up a steep hill with a bit of scrambling.


The plan has been to start off along the Pennine Way then, at the old Roman Fort to turn onto Dere Street, one of the old Roman Roads. Before setting off up Dere Street we ate some of our meagre rations, cheese, an apple and a swig of water. What an inspired decision it has been to stroll along Dere Street. I think that today might have been the best day yet. We were the only people in this vast landscape. Dere Street is a bit boggy in places but where it is broad, dry and green it is astonishing to remember that it was built so many years ago.


The rain began at about 4:00pm but we were soon encased in our waterproof coats and kilts. Once off the hill we made good time to Jedburgh arriving at about 6:30pm. By this time our modestly priced impermeable jackets were decidedly permeable.

There is some sort of horse festival here this week so the bar under our room sounds quite convivial.


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