June 20

Day 35 Jedburgh to Melrose

Today’s stroll has been completely different to that of yesterday. We have no internet so I write these few words on my telephone as the signal ebbs and flows
Knowing that we had a short stroll today and having no food, energy or anything else, we were dilatory in our departure. Not only were we silatory in our departure but we departed in the wrong direction too. Having resolved our navigation issue we set out in broad sunshine. After 5 minutes the heavens opened and we hastily donned our waterproof coats and kilts. After 10 minutes or so the rain stopped and we swealtered onwards melting in the warm sunshine. We stopped and removed our rainwear only for the rain to start again. We became very efficient at putting on and taking off rainwear today.Perishing mobile Internet is weakening. Carry on tomorrow I think.

Today’s stroll was quite a bit longer than we expected it to be.




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  1. By Aileen May on

    Melrose! Isn’t that where Aunty Mary once lived? You are going very well, by the sound of it, hope the weather is less erratic today!

    1. By Janet on

      Auntie Mary lived in Newtown St Boswells, but it’s only over the hill from Melrose. In fact, we walked through Newtown St Boswells on the way to Melrose, and I’m fairly certain that the house she used to live in as housekeeper has been demolished, with offices or something there now. It was quite a walk down memory lane, as we used to stay there, at the Station Hotel, every year on the way north.

      1. By Janet on

        I’ve just seen yoursome and Mike’s comments on another page, so obviously you did know all that!

  2. By SueJells on

    Trying sort of day methinks. Much sympathy! Hope tomorrow is better. Go well x


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