June 21

Day 36 Melrose to Lauder

We started the day with a spot of map hunting in Melrose. Our maps go only as far as Lauder so that is where we strolled to today. Melrose is a pleasant town with a nice coffee shop but no maps north of Lauder. Fortified by a nice cup of coffee we set out. My trusty camera gave out the day before yesterday. Its bottom fell off and it no longer knows how bright things are. I have swapped to my mobile phone, it doesn’t seem to know much either.

There is a very useful, for us, path called the Borders Abbeys Way which has brought us to Melrose and then onwards to Lauder, but that comes later

The first steps out of Melrose head towards the mighty Tweed. The powers that be have realised that strollers like ourselves are in need of a bridge to cross.

There is a notice on the bridge which says that it is forbidden to have more than 8 passengers on the bridge at any one time. Would the two of us plus our copious baggage way the same as 8 passengers?


The last three days have each been quite different to the others. Today was a gentle stroll along a river bank and through fields of cattle and sheep. There have been no steep climbs, boggy morasses, downpours, navigational disasters or shortages


To be honest today has been like a stroll in Shropshire although we don’t usually carry all our possessions in a bag on our backs when we stroll around Shropshire

A lovely uneventful day ended in Lauder. Tomorrow we might make it to Fala. Tomorrow is an unknown as it depends on a sectoin of disused railway track shown clearly on the map. If this track is impassable then we will have to rethink our day.


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  1. By admin (Post author) on

    We strolled through St Boswell’s and I have it from a fairly reliable source that Auntie Mary lived in Newtown St Boswells. We strolled through there too but all the relevant buildings had been knocked down.

  2. By Aileen May on

    Come to think of it, Aunty Mary lived in St Boswells, didnt she! Close tho’ . Looks like pleasant walking country you are traversing!


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