June 22

Day 37 Lauder to Fala

With a new map the way from Lauder became clearer. To be honest the stroll looked a bit dull on paper. Our hope was that the disused railway line behind the garage in Lauder might be strollable. Imagine our delight when a sign popped from behind a hedge as we passed saying something like “Railway Walk, Oxton 4M”. The first obstacle to today’s stroll had been overcome just by reading this notice.


The path was beautifully surfaced and freshly mowed. Without a care we strolled, enjoying the views.

We passed evidence of other strollers on the way. This led us to believe that the way through was clear.

The siren sign which led us onto the railway walk also led us into a field which had a fence at the end of it. This field also had, by its fence, a pond hidden in the grass.

As I am writing this there are four people sitting around the table speaking in English. These people are a French person, a Spanish person, a Polish person and an American. Anyway, moving swiftly on, after struggling through fences etc we burst out once again on the beautifully manicured railway track.


Having burst out we broke out the supplies pf cheese.

At Oxton things changed. We met a chap who spied our map as we stood indecisively at a road junction. He pointed out some interesting features which we might like to explore and some hints as to the easiest route onwards. The map didn’t make the route look very interesting so we expected to just plod out the last 8 miles. Our old friend Dere Street lay ahead but we expected little of it.


In fact we were completely wrong. The second section of the stroll from Oxton to Fala was perfect. Admittedly the ground was a bit boggy but the views were well worth getting wet feet for.


On top of the hill our helpful Oxton friend told that we would see a ruined church. He told us that many bodies were buried around the site as it had been an isolation hospice. But the thing which thrilled us was that we saw the Firth of Forth for the first time. The Firth of Forth is in the photo but only dimly.

So finally the last mile of strolling was along the busy A68. A lorry passed and blew off our hats so we didn’t hang about.

tomorrow there will be no strolling, nor the day after nor the day after that. We return to Shropshire for a dental visit. If the all clear is given then we shall stroll on on Monday. By coincidence this weekend, when we cannot stroll, is the Midsummer Rejoicing in Bishop’s Castle. Lucky old us we can take part because of Janet’s teeth.


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