July 1

Day 42 Aberdour to Burntisland

Our intention was to do loads of strolling today. Indolence prevented us from carrying out this intention however. In our defence the indolence was as a result of me waking up at 3:00 am with a raging sore throat. I managed to disturb Janet who kindly searched about for some paracetamol rather than being annoyed at the nocturnal rummaging.
Our alarm went off, as usual, at 7:00 am. I went off back to sleep straight away and didn’t surface for some time.
We finally got going at about noon by rejoining the Fife coastal path at Aberdour.
We headed for Aberdour Castle as it has a tea room


The tea room is well marked by a sign saying tea room. On entering though we thought that the tea room was the kitchen. The lady of the tea urn told that lots of people came in saying “Is this it then?” We had strolled about 350 yards at this point so progress wasn’t going to be great. A couple from Pasadena came in and asked if we could do a rain swap.

Having eaten a scone and some vegetable soup we pressed on through the bay where the beach was full of children bathing. I noticed that coaches were forbidden to come down to the beach.

The path is very well signposted so we followed the signs. Somehow we managed to miss a sign and found ourselves on the road to nowhere. I was all for pressing on through the sea but wise council prevailed and we retraced our steps to the very obvious signpost which we had failed to see earlier.

After a further inch or so of strolling we came to a beautifully manicured lawn adjacent to the shore. On this lawn was a cafe selling hot drinks, fish and chips and ice cream. We stopped again for ice cream. This was a real stroke of good fortune for us as the storm we had been watching over Edinburgh came to us bearing a massive downpour.

I can recommend the Fife Coastal Path as a lovely, flat stroll. The remaining photos take us to Burntisland where we stopped strolling for the day. Tomorrow we will carry on to somewhere else in Scotland.








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      Thanks Aileen, loads better. I should stop drinking out of damp glasses.


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