July 3

Day 44 Glenrothes to Cupar

Wetherspoon’s of Glenrothes does a very nice eggs royale. The egg yolks are cooked to perfection. Yesterday I stuck my knife into one of these perfectly cooked yolks and most of it leapt into my lap. This morning I was much more careful and made my eggy incision protected by napkins.
We set out clad only in jumpers etc but very soon changed into windproof attire. The weather was what Scots call breezy. Less hardy folk would say blowing a freezing gale.


The layout of Glenrothes means that one can stroll out of it without needing to go near a main road. There are numerous cycle and foot tracks which separate self propelled humans from those propelled by fossil fuels.

This lack of contact really gives the impression of space and tranquility even when in the middle of a bustling town.


Had we gone for plan A we would be heading for the West Highland Way now. Instead of that, we are heading for the Tay Bridge. In many ways our current stroll is more interesting and challenging than that of the WHW. How so, you may ask? How can strolling through flat Fife be more exciting than clambering over the west highland way?


On the famous national trails the destinations and routes are set out by someone else and all that one has to do is to follow the markers and all the other strollers who have set out earlier having taken their porridge earlier. In addition it is not unusual to read books written by those who have completed the trails thus preparing the stroller for what lies ahead.

We, on the other hand, have to find our own way through the countryside. We have the excitement of not knowing if the paths we have chosen will end in tears or laughter
Today we have seen very few people and have had the countryside to ourselves.




Today’s stroll ended in Cupar, a town I have never knowingly visited before.


Tomorrow we head towards Dundee and the Tay Bridge.



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