July 5

Day 46 Dundee

The day started well but extreme seediness set in very soon afterwards. As strolling is a very enjoyable thing to do when free of seediness we decided to laze about in our Dundee Backpackers Hostel until we are ready to leap forward once more into the unknown.
The doorway into the hostel reminds me of 1950s cold war films. The street off which it leads is a busy commercial thoroughfare. A narrow wrought iron door between Virgin Money and another innocuous shop is the only clue that a hostel exists. This door leads down a corridor into a warren which is the McCleod building I think. The concierge is always on duty and one, if fortunate enough to be in the McCleod Suite, then climbs up many stairs through the warren to get to the top where the view is of another roof. I was expecting ‘M’ or ‘Hunter’ or ‘Smiley’ to be ready to interview us at any moment.

An important Dundee resident is Desperate Dan whose statue greated us as we strolled by. A child was climbing on the staue for a photo but got tangled up and started to whine, no Desperate Dan he.

Never having visited Dundee before, we always seem to pass by on the bypass, I went to the tourist office to find out things to do. Scott of the Antarctic’s boat is here as is one of the last sailing warships so there is loads to see. The buildings are very grand as a result of the riches accrued from the jute trade. So there are lovely avenues down which to stroll, staring upwards.

I fell into conversaton with a bloke who told me that there was nothing to see in Dundee as everything had closed. This depressing opinion was completely wrong, unlike the opinion of someone I spoke to in Basingstoke a few years ago. When I asked if there was anything interesting in Basingstoke this person said “There is the cinema, but I don’t know what’s on.”

Those of you who have heard of Oor Wullie will be delighted to hear about the Oor Wullie Bucket Trail. Dotted about Dundee are plastic statues of this amusing tyke. At some point they will auction off these statues in aid of a children’s charity. If you want a full sized Oor Wullie statue make sure that you put the date in your diary.

This evening’s excitement was increased by the appearance of a fire service cherry picker which rose majestically above the buses trying to get through to deliver impatient passengers to their destinations. There was no hint of haste in the fire people’s preparations so we assumed that no lives were in peril. The bucket rose upwards and the fire people stared at a wall, then the machine descended and they all disappeared.

So no strolling today. Tomorrow we might have a crack at strolling to Monifieth. Tomorrow is another day so perhaps we won’t after all.


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