July 7

Day 48 Monifieth to Carnoustie

Today’s stroll was very much like that of yesterday with the exception that yesterday’s stroll had more of interest for the stroller’s eye. That is not to say that it wasn’t a nice stroll. The sun shone and the going was easy.


We found the cycle track, the famous Trail No 1, and strolled along the shore enjoying the hot sun and the sea. The track is adjacent to the railway line so we had the excitement of Virgin Trains passing every so often.

Our OS Map showed the red flags of a military site. Our map warned us that we would be passing alongside this secret place so when the signs appeared we were ready. The signs told us that if the flags were flying then we were not to enter the site or touch any metal object. The flags looked as though they had been flying constantly for many years as they were tattered and faded.

Our route was not over the military firing range but between the firing range and the dead straight railway line. This confinement meant that our track was dead straight too. We had hoped for glimpses of the sea or other interesting things but all that we could see was the scrubland of the military and the rails of the railway. We did see an assault course in the distance but no one was engaged in assaulting it so that was a bit dull too.

Approaching the village of Carnoustie we passed some golf course or other. It all looked very grand indeed with its very neatly shaven greens and landscaped bunkers. I didn’t take any photos of the golf course as I don’t play golf myself and had forgotten that it was there.

Carnoustie is quite a small but pleasant sort of place


We popped into a bakery for something to drink and a snack, thus ending the stroll for today. Butter and hot water must be very expensive in Carnoustie as Janet discovered that there was a charge for extra hot water for her milkless tea and I found that I had only one pack of butter for my thickly sliced bread.

Tomorrow we might go from Carnoustie to Arbroath if all goes well. I have eaten Dundee cake in Dundee so I need to find smokies in Arbroath. Each day there is something new to look forward to.


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  1. By suejells on

    Ah yes! My horsey expotitions always had to be pretty carefully planned – for the safety of our four legged friends, but that didn’t seem to preclude some unexpected surprises and times when what had seemed a perfectly reasonable route had to be adjusted in one way or another. Such fun!!

    1. By admin (Post author) on

      The map never seems to quite tell the whole story does it?

  2. By Anne Weller on

    Do find the time to get some smokies when you are in Arbroath. They are wonderful. You are having such lovely weather. We used to take our dinner money and go to The Bell Rock cafe to get fish and chips. I remember them being so delicious. Go well.

  3. By suejells on

    Your current strolling strategies seem very exciting and full of new experiences. I can hardly wait for tomorrow’s revelations, they so brighten what are, at the moment, otherwise mundane days.

    1. By admin (Post author) on

      Thank you Sue. We draw ever closer to Inverallochy with each step. Most of the fun is not following someone else’s route but finding our own. This does mean that we don’t always know if our chosen track is possible. The sense that tomorrow is unpredictable is very exhilerating.


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