July 14

Day 55 Aberdeen to Udny

If you want a substantial breakfast before setting out on a stroll from Aberdeen then Contour Cafe is for you. We asked for bacon, eggs, tomato and toast. The chap misunderstood and brought that which his usual customers order. When our ancient faces fell he zoomed back into the the kitchen and, after a few minutes, the most delicious breakfast appeared.

We usually look for a river or canal to leave a major city but that was not possible in Aberdeen. Instead of these watery exits we went for our old friend cycletrack track no 1. When coming into Aberdeen our friend led us onto a dangerous road so we wondered what lay ahead.

At first we strolled down Union Street. The first time I drove down Union Street I was astonished when the pelican crossings all turned red at the same time. The street was suddenly full of people all crossing at the same time up and down the street. This morning it was we who were part of the crossing multitude.


Cycletrack 1 left Aberdeen via Old Aberdeen. What a treat it was to stroll along the old cobbled streets lined with lovely old houses, churches and university buildings. I had no idea that the old town was so lovely.



Once away from the old town we enjoyed a mile or two of busy road. Our recently purchased OS map is woefully out of date so flats had been built where once was green space. We were also quite surprised to see a busy road and bridge over the river where none was to be seen on our cartographical masterpiece.
A brief stroll down to the river path, which lasted for 10 metres, and we were on the road to Dyce. Dyce is the home of Aberdeen Airport. Helicopters seem to fly in and out with relentless frequency.
We ate cullen skink again for lunch. I could eat it every day. The track from Dyce begins at Dyce railway station so filled with cullen skink we made our way to the disused railway line, our last section of this stroll, we were soon in open countryside. The rtackside filled with flowers of all sorts. Wild rasberry bushes were everywhere but no lovely red berries yet.

We strolled past the Stonehaven end of the new Aberdeen bypass two days ago. Today we strolled past the other end. The works are enormous so it was a delight to walk around and through this mighty endeavour. The massive earth moving machines are very impressive at close quarters.


Then back to peace and serenity.



Today has been a real pleasure. It has been a day of four parts.
Firstly, strolling down Union Street.
Secondly, Old Aberdeen.
Thirdly, the busy road to Dyce and the airport.
Fourthly, the dismantled railway line and its flower filled margins.

Tomorrow will be a short stroll. It will be no more than 6 miles so our feet can relax after today’s exertions.


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