July 15

Day 56 Udny Station to Ellon

Udny station is a station in name only these days. All that remains of its former glory is a long platform hidden by undergrowth. The railway lasted for 100 yrs as a railway but, luckily for cyclists and strollers, carries on at a slower pace under human power.

Udny to Ellon has been an easy, short, stroll. We have had no dramas to deal with and our waterproof clothes have been zipped in their zipped compartments all day long.





Crossing the River Ythan into Buchan signals the near end of this particular stroll. It is difficult to believe that we shall stroll for just two days more.



We have visited Ellon a few times and it has seemed to be quite small. Visiting on foot via the railway has quite changed my perception of its size.




Tomorrow Strichen where:
As I get doon by Strichen toon
I heard a fair maid mournin’
She was makin’ sair complaint
For her true love ne’er returnin’

Although in our case this is not true as we have the honeymoon suite tonight, if our jolly waitress is to be believed.


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  1. By Alison Clark on

    Dear Friends
    It is so wonderful that you have made this journey and are so close to your finish. In advance of your arrival (we hope there will be flags and a fanfare) we congratulate you both on a wonderful journey which we so admire! We are off on our hols now (and may not read your final steps on the stroll) so please let us know of any future strolls you take as we have really enjoyed your descriptions and photographs. Bye for now and well done! Alison and Rob.

    1. By admin (Post author) on

      Gosh, thanks so much. We have enjoyed every minute of this stroll. Reality is going to be difficult to face after the freedom which we have had to do as we please every day.
      We have met some lovely people over the course of the last 57 days. I that your holidays are even better than you expect them to be.
      We do have something which we might have a crack at, possibly the year after next. if all goes to plan.

      Best wishes
      Mike & Janet


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