July 16

Day 57 Ellon to Strichen

We strolled for just 6 miles yesterday and were exhausted on arrival in Ellon. We knew that today’s stroll was to be about 20 miles so wondered how everything would turn out.
Although breakfasts at the New Inn start at 8:30 on Saturday we were able to get stuck into stroll fuel at 08:00. We made our way to the start of today’s stroll, up the old railway, with a black pudding induced spring in our steps.

Janet, in particular, leapt up the slope to the track like a gazelle

Once on the track we ambled along much as we had done yesterday. The strolling was very easy as was navigation. It was a bit like following a canal in that the track bed is an obvious pathway. Along the sides of the track were a multitude of plants. My favourite is the wild raspberry. The season is just beginning so the odd ripe red beauty was there ready to be plucked from its brambly parent to be stuffed into my cavernous mouth.

First stop was at Auchnagatt for some lunch. Lunch was the usual fare of bacon salvaged from breakfast, gruyere, nuts and some oatcakes. All this washed down with water from the bedroom tap served up in an old coca cola bottle. We had hoped for a pub at Auchnagatt but the mug symbol on our map proved false. A chap was setting up stuff for a football match at the village hall so allowed free access to the facilities thus adding hours of comfort to the stroll.

So, on we went. The wind kept the flies at bay making our stroll very comfortable indeed. These cooler climate conditions suit me very nicely for strolling.


We passed by some flowers which are probably very common indeed. I haven’t seen the things before but they did look very fetching indeed.

Onwards to Maud and our second rest stop. Maud has a museum which celebrates the history of the railway. The last time, or maybe the time before that, that we visited Maud we also visited the museum. The custodian gave us quite a complete tour of the museum so we didn’t feel the need to visit it again. It was enough to visit the external remains of the station.
A light rain began to fall as we approached Maud so we were delighted to find that the Station Hotel was open. After some coca cola, crisps and a pickled egg we felt able to continue.

Janet leapt up the slope to the track like a gazelle once more.


The scenery is not dramatic, as has been some of our strolling, but it is very enjoyable to stroll along chatting about this and that through this fertile land. The fact that the sun came out and blue skies appeared added quite a lot to our enjoyment of the landscape too.

“Welcome to Strichen” A welcome sight after 19 odd miles.



As we tucked into our suppers tonight we had difficulty in believing that this particular stroll is nearing its end. We shall have to return to the real world I suppose. A world in which there is no planning tomorrow’s route. A world of not washing knickers and socks in the bathroom wash basin every evening. I shall miss it very much indeed.

I think that tomorrow’s leg is a mere 12 miles. After the last few days this will be a mere stroll in the park.


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  1. By James B and Hannah G on

    Thanks for sharing all of your adventures with us. It’s been wonderful to follow you from London and, also this last week, Rhodes – you’ve brought that familiar north east break feel to our summer holidays here. Enjoy the final steps and the morning rolls to follow Xx

    1. By admin (Post author) on

      Thanks James and Hannah. Just a few more miles ’til paradise.

    2. By admin (Post author) on

      Hello both of you. As you know the internet is an unknown thing in Inverallochy but I am now trying to catch up. Thanks for reading my end of day tired prose. Looking at it now it appears quite disjointed. Perhaps it was the beer.

  2. By SueJells on

    Have a fab last day and I hope you really enjoy that night at ‘home’ at last!
    Go well!

    1. By admin (Post author) on

      Thanks Sue, no internet or ‘phone in Inverallochy. Peace and tranquillity.

  3. By admin (Post author) on

    We’ve been singing Mormond Braes on and off all day today. “As I cam doon to Strichen toon …..”
    It’s always been one of my favourites.

    1. By admin (Post author) on

      I’ve just realised that thê above remark seems to have been written by Mike, but it’s in fact me – Janet – who has written both the comment above and this comment as well.


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